A Man With His Camera 365 Project 2013

Well I am thinking of doing a 365 Project in 2013. The photos will be taken using Canon 5D Mk 2,  Canon 7D and my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The idea is every day I will try take a photo of something different but something I am doing that day so over the year I will build up a photo collection of a year in the life. Of course as the time progresses the project will evolve, well that’s the hope. If anyone has any suggestions I will gladly take them on board.

Photos probably won’t be uploaded daily, but will definitely be taken daily. I will try for a weekly post at least with the photos from the previous few days uploaded. Of course there will be times when I will be able to do daily uploads and other times it may be weekly or even fortnightly.

So starting on Jan 1st 2013 I will take 1 photo a day and upload to Blog, FB and Twitter. Expect the first upload before Jan 7th.


One thought on “A Man With His Camera 365 Project 2013

  1. Jennie says:

    good luck! I started my 365 Project a few months ago and have been loving it! I look forward to following yours 🙂

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