A friend sadly missed


5 years ago today i was sitting in the NCT center watching as my car got tested. Didn’t think it would pass but all those thoughts were about to be brushed away as i received a phone call about my mate Peter. He had been taken to hospital a few days earlier and we knew it was serious. But the phone call i received told me that Peter had passed away. I was numb, somehow i manged to collect my car and drive home. Made a few calls and passed on the sad news. Everyone was in shock!!!

That evening a few of Peters friends met in the Black Lion to remember a friend that was going to be sadly missed. As the week went on and Good Friday approached we all attended the funeral. Saggart church was were the funeral took place, the only other time I was in that church was for my sons christening. I never thought I would be in it surrounded by the 100s at the funeral of a good mate who had passed away so young. Peter was only 33.

Peter was a friend to everyone, he would be there to cheer you up and wind you up equally. He would take the proverbial out of anyone at anytime and get away with it. We had great times together and many a late night in McDowells just talking rubbish but having many a laugh out loud moments.

So as Peters fifth anniversary is today i feel that same numbness i felt when i got that call. RIP Peter and you are sadly missed and remembered fondly.

WWS – Sadly missed, Always Remembered

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